About us

Lambaeks was founded in 1950 by ingeneer Soeren Lambaek and in 1963 he moved the company to Silkeborg.

In 1981 the current owner Frode Davidsen and partner took over the company after the death of Soren Lambaek. Today Lambaek is owned by Frode Davidsen & family.

Lambaeks is a smaller company where some of employees have more than 25 years experience at Lambaeks. Frode Davidsen himself has been in the spring making business for more than 45 years.

In summer 2012 Lambaeks moved to the current location in Silkeborg. Trucks trucks now have possibility to drive around our plant. We should also be quite easy to find, as our new location is very close to the highway.

Also in 2012 we took over Norfjaer AS, a spring making company in Norway founded in 1947. With Norfjaer as a subsidiary we have expaneded our knowledge in the offshore industry, and are familiar with special materials like Inconel, Hasteloy & MP35N.

At Lambaeks we do our best to keep up with technology and have some of the most advanced CNC spring coilers at our plant. Our combination of machines and very experienced staff ensures that we produce high precision springs.

We are always ready to assist you with calculation of your spring or just good advice for your spring solution, as well as your inquiry is always welcome.

Welcome at Lambaeks.